Official Word on SACS Progress


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Caveat emptor

'86 BJU grad here.  First, I want to say how laughable it is for me to watch these isolationist blowhards flail in the wind as they stumble, stutter over everything they have said in the past, while attempting to respond to the ever-mounting pressure to change.

Second, I see the school as an excellent choice for those who are committed to an isolationist, fundamentalist ideology.  Nothing like unaccountable inbreeding to further perpetuate unaccountable inbreeding.  However, if you have any aspirations of being an influencer of the culture, engaging the culture or operating within the culture, consider this website as a sober warning:  caveat emptor -- let the buyer beware.

No one attends BJU against their will.  No one.  When you go there, it is YOUR responsibility to understand the implications, both immediate and (as best can be predicted) long term.  If you want to stay within the tight cloister of independent Christian fundamentalism, then you'll be set, enjoying your safe, protected, isolationist self-constructed world.  However, if you take the call of Christ SERIOUSLY to go INTO the world and make disciples, then you may find that a degree from BJU can be an impediment, for many of the reasons stated on this website, and others.

I will say this, I was generally satisfied with the academic education I received during my four years.  The most destructive part of my BJU experience was the social education.  It was toxic in nearly every respect. I have spent many thousands of dollars recovering from the programming that I imbibed while immersed in the culture of militant Christian fundamentalism.  Am I bitter?  Not any more.  BJU was the catalyst that prompted my pursuit of Christianity that was free of the leaven of the Pharisees.  I am free from the bondage of servitude to legalism, and its smothering effects!

If you're happy with pursuing an unaccredited degree, then knock yourself out!  If you have any hopes or dreams of engaging the culture outside of the safe little walls of your church -- caveat emptor.


Posted by Anonymous on Sun, 02/24/2013 - 17:19
Not every gets a choice

It is very common to assert that no one attends BJU against their will. But there are two reasons why that is wrong and a complete oversimplification. First there absolutely are people are forced. And if not forced to go to BJU very many, myself included, were forced to choose between any small number of unaccredited schools. I've covered this several times. You can find a good start here of why people didn't have a choice

The second reason many children didn't have a choice is because they didn't know what they were choosing at the time. We were told that not to worry about accreditation. We were told that there wouldn't be any negative consequences and we were told that the price of attending those other schools would be too great a risk of losing our faith to chance it. Being fed misinformation or no information is just as heinous and effectively the same thing as not giving someone a choice. 

Posted by bjuaccreditation on Fri, 05/03/2013 - 14:03
This will be interesting to see

Bob Jones University is so interested in the authority of the Institution that it may have severe troubles with accreditation by SACS. SACS requires evidences that Faculty approve of and actually create the programs -- NOT the administration!

It would also have to create a grievance process for students that is fair, demonstrating that the college takes student grievances seriously, not automatically relegating them to the realms of whining and rebellion.

I would like to see BJU get accredited by SACS, but that would mean the administration would have to swallow its pride with certain of its rules. Frankly, I am not sure it can do that. I hope it can, though, because it would ultimately be a better school for it.

Posted by Anonymous on Fri, 11/16/2012 - 22:04